We are a unique exchange organization where PEOPLE come first.

from sarah boucherThat may be a peculiar way to begin, but it’s exactly this belief that started iE in 2002.

We knew the significance of an exchange year, and the common pitfalls. But what if there could be a better way? What if each student was given unique attention? What if each student had a GUARANTEED placement? What if the EXPERIENCE was truly the highest priority?

For over 15 years, IE has delivered on these ideals!

Where others see a number, we see a face. Where others see an inconvenience, we see a story. Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity.

“We are a small organization that goes out of our way to do extra good in terms of the total experience for the student and families, from the interview to the orientation to the interaction here in the states. It’s expected that we have a close working relationship with the students, and that sets us apart.” – Mike Carroll, iE Local Coordinator

Student exchange: the way it should be.

To achieve such an unmatched standard, we operate differently.

 IE focuses on quality, not quantity. (Our small size allows us to maintain the highest standards.)

 Each student and host family receives individualized attention.

 Host families play an active role in CHOOSING the student who they feel will best fit in their household! (This is not an industry norm!)

 IE staff maintains strong relationships with area schools.

 IE standards actually EXCEED those given by the Department of State!

 We have a 100% placement record! (That means EVERY student is placed EVERY year – without exception.)

you know its realExchange should be about trying the soccer team and meeting the family’s golden retriever. It should be about first day of school butterflies and the energy of the Friday night football game. And with the support of a small organization devoted to hands-on care, it CAN be.


Year after year, we cherish each connection, relationship, and adventure. We look forward to each new addition to the IE family and relish the opportunity to serve. Will you join us in this journey? We’d love to partner with you.