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Become a Local Coordinator or Student Exchange Ambassador for iE!

As a Local Coordinator (LC) or volunteer Student Exchange Ambassador (SEA), you bring people together and make a real difference in the lives of teenagers and families, in your local community, and the world.

At iE, we pride ourselves on providing individual care and direct support to our exchange students, host families, local schools, and iE team members. 

What does a Local Coordinator do?


Find caring host families in your community


Help host families select the right exchange student for their family


Support students and host families during their exchange experience

What's great about being an LC for iE?

  • You build and strengthen relationships in your local community and across the world!
  • You meet people from other countries and cultures and help make dreams come true.
  • You are compensated for your work, and you can earn cash and travel bonuses.
  • You can set your own hours and decide how many students and host families you want to work with.
  • You receive ongoing one-on-one training and guidance and an experienced support network.
  • As an Student Exchange Ambassador, you can earn volunteer hours and collect donations for your organization of choice.

“I love connecting and having conversations with potential host families. Being an important resource for families and students is very rewarding and a memorable experience.”

Stephanie, LC since 2019

“This program has enriched my life, giving me the opportunity of meeting people I would not otherwise have met. Just as the students come here to experience American culture, I too have learned a lot about the students’ cultures!”

Emmenette, LC since 2008

“I love the closeness of iE, we are like a big family, we are co-workers yes, but we are also friends! Most importantly, I enjoy working with the kids and being a part of their exchange experience, they keep me active and youthful!” 

Tom, LC since 2009


Check out our FAQs, or contact us!

How do I become a Local Coordinator?

  1. Complete iE’s Local Coordinator application.
  2. Chat with an iE team member.
  3. Complete the onboarding process and training.

In total, the process is typically completed within a week or two. 

Will I be trained?

Yes! At iE, you receive personalized, ongoing training, support and guidance from your Regional Director. You can also access our library of training materials and resources (brochures, flyers, training videos, sample letters and social media posts, etc.).  A large network of LCs is always ready to share ideas and support you – You are never alone at iE!

Are LCs paid?

Yes! LCs are independent contractors and receive payment for the services they provide. Payment per academic year student ranges from $1,000 to $1,600. We also offer cash and travel bonuses, and a $75 activity fund per student you supervise.

What areas can an LC work in?


You decide the area you want to cover, how many students and families you want to work with, and which area of the role you want to focus on.

The LC role is meant to enrich your life while fitting around your everyday responsibilities.