An exchange student has been invited to have some fun on Halloween: but is it a cultural norm or a dangerous pitfall?

Exchange students might find themselves struggling to navigate peer expectations, but you can help! Discuss some common teen activities and talk about which ones are dangerous or off limits. Establish boundaries to help your student have a safe and fun Halloween!

1. Curfew 

Halloween is a perfect time to establish a curfew and/or check-in times. Remind your student that your intent is to keep them safe!  

2. Contacts 

It’s helpful to know where and with whom your student will be spending time on Halloween. If it’s not with you, ask for the names and phone numbers of the friends/parents he or she will be with. You’ll know who to contact in the event of an emergency!

3. Alcohol 

Unfortunately, many American teens do drink alcohol, especially at parties. An exchange student is entrusted with the privilege of being an ambassador for his or her country and maintaining a higher standard!  Breaking the law by consuming alcohol can have serious repercussions, so Halloween is an excellent time to remind students to resist peer pressure.

4. Vandalism

Some vandalism may seem innocent, but your exchange student needs to understand that all vandalism is a crime. Just as they should abstain from alcohol, they should not be involved in vandalism.

5. Safe Word 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your friends you’re uncomfortable with what they’re doing – ESPECIALLY when you’re an exchange student. Plan in advance a “safe word” that your student can text you to indicate “I need help!”