How will YOU celebrate this 4th of July? Did you know that there are many exchange students still awaiting a host home? These young men and women dream of the opportunity to soak up American culture – to shadow you and see what life is like in your shoes! This year, why not share YOUR America with an exchange student!

In a recent poll, iE host parents all seem to agree: the best part of hosting a student is helping them discover everything there is to love about our country! Below are just a few of their insights!

As you celebrate Independence Day, we’d like to invite you to consider what YOUR story looks like – and how sharing YOUR America could be a bonding experience and a timely thrill, both for your family and for an excited international teen!

“I love seeing the excitement when they do something that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do at home.”  – Tina Nolan

“We loved watching him eat a Twinkie for the first time!” – Terrence McFadden

“It’s fun to introduce our student to new experiences and extended family!  Seeing things through his eyes made us appreciate them in a different way.”  – Pamela Anderson

“The best memories are from traveling together as a family, showing our student cities like Charleston, Chicago, Boston, D.C., and Disney.  Watching our student grow as a young adult was truly amazing!” – Jocelyn Griner

“We loved teaching our student games of any type.  Family game night was a hit!” – Andrea Steffes

“We had so much fun spending Christmas with our student and sharing our customs.” – Melissa Nelson

“There’s something so special about touring parts of the country with someone who is new to the experience and who truly enjoys and appreciates it.”  – Marti Walstrom

“Sharing our home, our lifestyle and our chemistry as a family was rewarding for us. Showing him our culture, our church, our community and our region gave us great pride and joy.” – David Nelson

What will YOUR favorite memory be? Start the journey at!