Today, September 21, the exchange student community joins the world in prioritizing peace.

The International Day of Peace, or “Peace Day,” is globally recognized as a day for all humanity to commit to upholding peace above all differences, and to contribute to building a culture of PEACE.

patti with studentPeace Day is particularly poignant for those who work in student exchange, since our students and host families are already learning to peacefully navigate a great chasm of differences. In fact, “building a culture of peace” is at the very heart of student exchange!

When an exchange student comes to America, whether they know it or not, they become an ambassador to the community who takes them in.

They become a living message of goodwill. 


To celebrate this important day, we are giving wings – quite literally – to the notion of being a “peace ambassador.”

craneInspired by the Peace Crane Project, we’ve invited our exchange students, together with their host families and local coordinators, to create paper origami “peace cranes” inscribed with a personal message of peace.

Once collected, the donated paper cranes will become a gift to one of our many partner schools – a collective art experience that can be displayed and celebrated all year.

Truthfully, this is but one small gesture in a wide landscape of struggle – but we believe that mindfulness and intention to promote change, especially among our global youth, is the first step. And as an organization that represents a mosaic of different cultures and backgrounds, that step begins with us. 

Join us in spreading peace. Fold a crane, inscribe your peace message and mail it to us by Saturday 23rd.

209 Water St S #102
Northfield, MN 55057

cranes on display