[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Sparklers dance through hot dusky air, held fast by sticky ice-cream covered fingers. As a day of playful celebration comes to an end, bright explosions illumine the sky – FIREWORKS! [/perfectpullquote]

The 4th of July embodies so much of what we treasure as Americans: a celebration of our nation, our FREEDOMS, and our families.

That’s what makes those sparklers shine all the brighter: the unique pride that comes as we watch our children scramble to catch fireflies, knowing their future is bright. Believing they will run and reach for their own unique version of the American Dream.

It’s this same “American Dream” that inspires so many foreign teenagers to leave the comfort of their homes and families and put on a completely new life!

Chances are, you’re delighting in your own family this holiday weekend, as you should be! But did you know there’s an enthusiastic teen halfway around the world who’s just waiting to experience your life with you?

Just imagine…

  • Taking your new German exchange daughter to a baseball game!
  • Teaching your Thai host son how to cook the perfect summer burger! 
  • Treating your Italian “plus one” to a movie in the park!

THESE are the experiences that make student exchange so memorable!

This Independence Day, consider a NEW possibility and a NEW purpose! SHARE your America with a student who so desperately wants to experience it!

Are you ready?

Julia 4th of July