JANUARY – it’s 30 days packed with new resolutions, goals, dreams and commitments!

Untitled design (52)An entire month of “I’m ready!” and “this is the year!” and “let’s DO this!”

But as hasty resolutions fall by the wayside, we tend to become wiser about our Januaries. Sure, we may still commit to losing 10 pounds or exercising daily, but inside we somehow sense a more profound purpose to this yearly renewal.

We learn to go deeper and ask ourselves, “What do I TRULY want? And how can I grasp it?”

first time discoveriesYet the things we hope for most are often the things that can’t be quantified at all –

  • more quality time with family
  • great friendships
  • adventure
  • personal growth
  • a fresh passion for daily life
  • world experiences

But THESE are the things that make the rest of the year spring to life!! They’re the dividing line between surviving and thriving.

sports barAs an exchange organization, we know all about fresh starts and new beginnings. In fact, we specialize in them! And it’s precisely the above list of un-quantifiable “resolutions” that propels us forward. It inspires our students and host families to jump into thisadventure – TOGETHER. 

Just think about it! What if your family…

  • bonded around a common goal
  • gained a new friend (for life!)
  • rediscovered the adventures within your own backyard
  • learned and grew together
  • saw daily life with fresh eyes
  • experienced another culture

WHAT IF you gained all this and more through hosting an exchange student?

Because exchange is about PEOPLE. It’s about RELATIONSHIP. And when we connect and grow together, amazing things happen!

2018 is YOUR year. Join the journey, See where it takes you!