Dear Laura, it has been my honor to be your dad this past year. I don’t think you realize the impact you have had on me and my family. It takes a lot of courage and a big leap of faith for a young lady to leave her home, family and friends and come to a foreign country not knowing anyone. But from day one you have fit like a glove. I am proud of you and the accomplishments you have made since being here. Running x country, track, and most of all becoming a Atlanta Falcons fan. I am not sure if Germany or your family and friends are ready for the return of the new and improved redneck 2.0 version of Laura. If there is a downside to being a host family this is it. Having to say goodbye. I am at work now so I have to maintain my tough guy image but I am crying on the inside trying to write my goodbyes. I will miss you dearly. But go back home knowing you are loved and no matter what you will always have a family and a home here in “‘MERICA”.