It’s back-to-school time across the country. As American students choose colored binders and stock up on pencils, more than 25 exchange students across the world are holding their breath, waiting. 

They wait by the phone, anticipating the news that they have been CHOSEN. Not by a family in some Beverly Hills mansion, not by someone with an extensive travel schedule or budding social life, but simply by a kind heart who will open up their home and say, “you’re welcome here; let’s do this together.”

This school year, consider adding one more item to your “back-to-school” checklist – an exchange student!! 

We are seeking everyday world changers, day-to-day adventurers, and self-proclaimed people-lovers – those open-hearted souls who will dare to say “yes” to this incredible opportunity.

When a family opens their home to host, they’re not just welcoming a student, they’re also opening the door to endless possibilities! The enrichment your family will experience is beyond measure. 

Susan Peebles is a professional in the field of English as a Second Language, and as a result of working with people across many backgrounds, she has come to cherish the opportunity to host.

“We learn the most when we experience things out of our comfort zone,” shares Susan. “Taking risks to help others experience their dreams is a rewarding experience. Go for it! You’ve really got nothing to lose and you have everything to gain!”

Host families gain a new international son or daughter for LIFE – opening the door to a real relationship, meaningful connection, growth and travel opportunities… not to mention the incredible benefit for the whole family as they embark on a new adventure in communication, empathy, and service!

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