Sometimes we feel like proud parents, just bursting with pride at the impact our students are making in their communities. Whether playing with their host siblings, building camaraderie in their high school sports teams, or giving back through charitable service, our students never cease to impress us!

This particular season we’re so proud of our very own Milan from Montenegro and Liron from Germany, two boys who have made a significant impact in their local high school through their soccer team. Recently featured in their local Utah newspaper, The Tremonton Leader, this charming article shares how three international students changed the shape of the team in surprising ways!

“They’ve been able to fill some natural solutions on the field and leadership roles, which helped us get off to a fast start and be competitive,” said Coach Wilcox.

But perhaps what we MOST love about this story and these boys is the evidence of what we already knew: exchange students change, and are changed by, their host communities. Through relationships, team involvement, class camaraderie, or family connection, every single person is challenged to learn, grow, and become a better version of themselves. And it’s this quiet reality  that we hope will continue to shape our world for years to come!