What is it like to add an exchange student to your family? How do they “fit in”?

Host mom and Local Coordinator Pam Moore shares her story of building a life-long relationship with her host daughter, Laura.


I had talked to Laura by FaceTime, text, and email for 4 months before she arrived, so she was somewhat prepared for our crazy, loud family! But I am not sure we were prepared for a new daughter who would get off the plane and immediately feel like part of the family!

LauraMayerhofer (Pam)Since she arrived there was nothing I asked her to try that she was not up for. She fell in love with Falcons Football! She had never run cross country and she joined the team. She was near last, but that never stopped her. Her first meet it was so hot she got sick. Most people would have quit…but not her!

She lost her German accent and it has been replaced by what we jokingly call a “Red Neck German accent!”  Her teachers and coaches love her, and she has made so many friends.

She has a good head on her shoulders and was committed to having the best exchange year possible. She wrote me a letter for Mothers Day and the one thing she said that stands out is…”when I first got here I never thought I would love you and your family as much as I do.”


That’s what makes this such a great experience. A person comes into your life and family, and 10 months later, it is their family too!

I knew I would love her!