Students: Please be sure to carry a printed copy of your Insurance ID Card with you at all times.

Important information regarding iE exchange student insurance:

Whenever possible, list iE as responsible party (not the host family or natural parent(s)) as below:

Responsible party: International Experience

Address: 309 Division St, Suite 201, Northfield, MN 55057

If the provider refuses to receive iE as responsible party, list host family name but provide address above, so all billing statements are sent to iE directly.

Step 1: Decide if it is a life-threatening emergency situation

If that’s the case: Go straight to the emergency room or call 911.

Step 2: If not life-threatening...

… call One Team Health (OTH) and explain why you need to see a doctor.

OTH is the claims administrator.

Phone: +1 844.805.9444


They will refer you to the appropriate level of care medical provider in the Aetna Passport to Healthcare PPO network.


Expect OTH to send you a medical informationa release form (HIPAA) to sign and return to them do this ASAP.

Step 3: Visit a medical provider in the Aetna PPO network

If you visit a medical provider in the Aetna Passport to Healthcare PPO network you must show your medical insurance ID card. If the provide has any problem verifying your insurance or submitting your bill to Aetna Passport to Healthcare PPO, call OTH while you are there and show them the guidelines on your insurance ID card. If the medical provider belongs to the PPO network, they must submit the bill directly to Aetna PPO.

Step 4: Non-Aetna PPO medical providers and prescriptions

If you visit a medical provider who is not in the Aetna PPO network, you may be asked to pay at the time of service. In this case, you must complete a claim form and mail the itemized invoices to OTH.

Step 5: Claim processing

OTH needs to verify that the needed medical care is covered under the policy. If necessary, OTH will request your medical records from the medical provider(s). You can expedite this process by making sure you sign and return the HIPAA form to OTH and contacting your medical provider and ask they send your medical records to OTH as quickly as possible.

OTH will notify you if they need additional information from you (such as a claim form or accident questionnaire). Please provide this information to OTH as soon as possible.

If the medical provider sends you the bill, assume they did not correctly submit your bill to Aetna PPO. Immediately call the medial provider and provide them the guidelines which are listed immediately under your insurance ID card for filing a claim. Once you have done this, also mail or email the bills to OTH. DO NOT IGNORE THE BILLS. Medical providers will send monthly statements and eventually will send the bills to a collection agency.

Step 6: What happens after claim processing

OTH will email you an explanation of the benefits (EOB) detailing for each invoice how much was billed, how much was paid, and how much you are responsible to pay.

Understand that the policy does NOT cover all expenses. If applicable, you will be responsible to pay the policy deductible, copayments, coinsurance, and any charges excluded by the policy. Once processed, the medical provider will rebill you for any charges you are responsible to pay directly to the medical provider.

If you disagree with a denial of charges, you need to send a written appeal to OTH explaining why you feel the claim was incorrectly denied. Please submit any additional medical information, if applicable, which could assist with the appeal.