What does a local coordinator do?

As a local coordinator, you provide 3 main functions – connecting with people in your area who might be willing to host a student, helping those people complete our application process and select a student to host, and then giving them ongoing support once their student arrives! For ALL of this, you’ll be working together with a regional director, who’s there to give you direction and guidance when you need it. Since we’re a smaller organization, we work together closely – almost like a family!

How much does a local coordinator get paid?

Local coordinators are compensated for each student placement and monthly report and can receive generous incentives, including cash bonuses and international all-inclusive trips! Compensation for each academic year student is $1,000 and can be up to $1,600 when special requests are met.

How man hours per week does a local coordinator work?

The local coordinator role is extremely flexible. As an independent contractor you decide how much you want to work based on the number of students you want to place and supervise. Each coordinator sets their own goals, schedule, and time investment into the program. Some coordinators spend just a few hours per week working, while others have turned the position into a full-time role.

Does iE provide training and support?

We are a small organization that is committed to preparing each local coordinator to be successful in finding host families and to enjoy the experience of supervising their student. Local coordinators receive initial training that covers the purpose of the program, recruitment ideas, marketing materials, and supervision best practices. Training is conducted over the phone and online and includes a one on one meeting with your regional director. Training materials include a digital handbook, multiple supplemental digital resources and monthly communications. We encourage all our local coordinators to join our closed Facebook group where we share tips, tricks, ideas, accomplishments, goals and comradery. At iE-USA you are never alone. You will be working together with a regional director at all times, who’s there to give you direction and guidance when you need it.

What areas can a local coordinator work in? How far are they required to travel?

Local coordinators may supervise students within 120 miles of their home address. Each local coordinator can define the area they would like to actively find families and supervise students within that 120-mile radius. It is not required that a local coordinator travel the full 120 miles. Local coordinators can refer host families anywhere in the USA. A referral outside the local coordinators area will result in a $200 referral thank you, if the family hosts.

What happens in a local coordinator does not place any students?

We do not have any quotas or requirements for placing students. We are looking to add local coordinators to the team who will actively recruit and make an effort to find new host families and make placements. Sometimes it can take time to build up an area, and that’s ok! We are looking for effort and persistence.

What happens if there is a problem with a student that a local coordinator is supervising?

The local coordinator is the main point of contact for the student and host family, and the first line of communication to resolve issues. Local coordinators engage in the conflict resolution process to attempt to resolve issues. If guidance or disciplinary action is needed, the regional director will support the local coordinator and issue appropriate written disciplinary action. If an emergency situation happens, a 24/7 emergency phone line will be answered by a full-time iE staff person.

How many local coordinators are in my area? How many can there be in my area?

The number of local coordinators in an area depends on the size and population of the area. By creating teams of coordinators, we build a support system. We ensure that the number of coordinators is sufficient to support the area but also allow each coordinator the opportunty for growth.

What costs does a local coordinator incur?

Local coordinators are provided training and marketing materials at no cost. We highly value the time that local coordiantors spend with their students during their in person meetings and therefore provide a $75 activity budget per student they are supervising to pay for activities you can enjoy together, like taking them out for ice cream, coffee, a movie, etc.

How do most local coordinators find their host families?

Local coordinators find host families many different ways but the most successful include Facebook, manning a local event, connecting with their school and spreading the word by talking with their friends, family and co-workers. We provide you with many additional ideas on recruiting families and all the supplies you need!